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Greetings, I go by Black Atticus and I am a spoken word slam poet and recording hip hop art / wordsmith. I'm starting this page to increase my connection with current and future listeners, such as yourself; while making sure that those who want to experience my work first, sincerely get a chance to. I've been growing exponentially in my craft, as well as in my relationships, that the volume of projects will not only vary (from full albums, to instrumental-soundscapes & video), but the frequency of output will be increasing as well :-) ((a.k.a. IZE HERE NOW!!)) -- please subscribe and expect to receive exclusive releases for doing so!! Thank You SO MUCH for your continued support!

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Black Atticus
Knoxville, Tennessee
Black Atticus is a up and coming hip hop and spoken word artist, from Knoxville, TN, who embodies the genuine feel of the love for life, words, and music within his sound.

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