Poems In Strap 2​.​0

by Black Atticus

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Poems in Strap 2.0 is a genuine blend of music and spoken word poetry weaved around the soulful production of Average Thought. PS2.0 features some of Black Atticus' classic 'slam-style' poems, including "Blue Shoes" "Believe in Love" & "This is NOT a Black History Poem". What's probably the most unexpected factor of this album is the complete songs, truly an introduction to what else to come from the 'Atticus-Average Thought' collaboration, titles such as "Dem Are Dey One", "90 Day Guarantee" & "Loverlude Extended" provide a break from the average poetry cd's flow, and should aid the listener in gaining a broader idea of Atticus' creative range.


released November 11, 2011

All Songs and Poems written, mixed, and vocally performed by J. 'Black Atticus' Woods, All music produced by Average Thought



all rights reserved


Black Atticus Knoxville, Tennessee

Black Atticus is a up and coming hip hop and spoken word artist, from Knoxville, TN, who embodies the genuine feel of the love for life, words, and music within his sound.

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Track Name: Blue Shoes
Let me tell you about the blues,
of wearing wack ass shoes;
This story begins with two parents, who made it VERY apparent
that there's is power in the ability to choose.

for they chose to never be have-not's
they worked non-stop to keep the shelves stocked
and in ten year's tops: they had the biggest
house. on. the. block.
Needless to say......
they sacrificed a lot.....
"a little TOO much" at first, I thought;
cause see ALL that hard work, NEVER brought
me and my little brother any props:
we were constantly being stopped by the fashion cops, like:

"HAULT!! -- Now we KNOW you don't think THEM shit's is hot"

but. but... there was no extra MONEY
to cop the new air maxes AND jordan's!
In third grade, I was ready to trade my SOUL
for what everyone else was sportin':
that BRIGHT WHITE 23 against that
SMMOOTTTH North Cacka-a-Lacka-BLUE

It just kinda set the new rules on what it meant to be:
C O O L // and I felt sorry for that one dude..
you know that dude...he came to school
with the imitation J's on like: WHO the HELL is 22?!

and oh the jokes the ensued...
you could hear half of them for all the 'OoOo's
that would trumpet him home with the mo' betta BluuUueEs
had 'em crying, quoting spike lee like
"it's GOTTA be the SHOES"

and it would echo on and on in head
as he laid in bed warring;
cause mom and dad ain't about supporting the latest fad;
NOT when their (9 to 5) math would add to:
1) a roof over your head,
2) a shirt on your back
and 3) pants on your ungrateful a...aand
it wouldn't mean SHIT to me, when they other kids would laugh
I could afford the WHOLE Adidas so I had to rock the "AD"...
you KNOW the AD...
the one with the TWO FAT STRIPES;
I tried to fat marker the last one in, but i didn't quite look right;
Had one kid come back the next day, laughing at me like:

"maaaan, you had me laughing all through my parents
fighting last night....THANKS!"

OH whatta SHANK, whatta SPEAR!
as the jokes from my peers got colder
as we got older through the years,
and it really didn't help, when mom
sent us out with the sum of all fears:

the same red, blue, grey, sweat suit...
for a whole freakin' year....

but after a year,
some things just aren't funny
now Momma ain't raise no rich kids,
but she sho' wasn't raising no dummies;
so Lord knows, I didn't dress the best
but those who did? they were always the ones;
running to class....breaking a sweat....
trynna cheat off guess. who's. test?!

I must digress..take a GOOD LOOK
and see who we was; see
we were the one dress in the scrubs of love, see
we were the one dress in our parents
priorities, sorted and completed:
you will NEVER wear next month's rent
and utility bills; on. your feet

No bitter will be the reality
that would constantly repeat off these cheap sneaks
like "get. a . clue....you got much more to do, in this life
than worship: shoes. clothes. hoes, rims.
and things that have NOTHING to do
with how your life begins, or how it will end:
so I MUST commend those two
who never had a clue;
they helped their boy define his own standard of what's:
every time...
they bought 'em...
those cheap. wack. ass. shoes.